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Unlock winning sales strategies

Through CMI’s partnership with RAIN Group, a sales training and consulting firm, your business will transform sales strategies into opportunities for qualified leads stronger customer relationships and relevant value propositions.

This premier certification, the CMI Certified Sales Executive Course, is an online, self-paced program, that provides all the necessary skills required in building a strong foundation for selling success and, refreshing seasoned veterans with vital skills to remain successful in this age of disruption.

The CMI Certified Sales Executive Course is applicable to any sales professional or sales manager/leader that seeks to sell more with better margins, through a proven and predictable approach.

Course Topics Include:

  • Overcome objections
  • Earn maximum fees and margins
  • Overcome indecision in the sales process
  • Educate buyers with new ideas and perspectives
  • Tell stories that demand buyer attention and action
  • Use insights to build trust with buyers
  • Ask incisive questions to open buyers’ minds to new opportunities

6 Key Reasons to Certify Your Sales Success:

  1. Fill your pipeline with qualified leads
  2. Uncover the full set of buyer needs
  3. Develop a value proposition that sells
  4. Close more business starting today
  5. Develop stronger customer relationships
  6. Paint a picture of positive change for your buyers
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Certified Sales Executive

This self-paced, online learning experience will provide all of the skills needed to build a strong foundation for selling success and refresh seasoned veterans with vital skills to remain successful in the age of disruption.

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