Find your footing with an assessment

Are you unsure of where you stand with your organization’s cleaning operations?
Through CMI Cleaning Change Solutions, your cleaning operations will find its ground with their seven-step consulting program that holistically assesses your needs as a business.

Take the first step – The Initial Assessment
Creating an initial assessment of your buildings, staff, and culture will enable you to create baseline data that allows you to measure future improvement in people, appearance, and logistics. We’ll help you assess your current quality levels and begin to see why you are achieving the results you are today.

When the process is complete, a final assessment will be done to evaluate the quality of change accomplished in your business operations. This benchmarking assessment evaluates where your business’ operations currently stand, as they relate to staff, operations, budget, training, culture, leadership, and work loading.

What’s in it for you?

  • Staffing levels
  • Quality levels
  • Workplace culture success
  • Right supplies and tools for effective and comprehensive cleaning

What we offer | Consulting Services and Offerings

  • Cleaning Change Solutions
  • Assessment
    • Quality Assurance
    • Benchmarking
    • Systems Check Up
    • Staffing Analysis
  • Workloading
    • Custom Designed Workloading
    • Bidding & Estimating
    • Scope of Work Development
    • Workload Optimization
    • Mentorship Programs
    • Kitting
  • Training
    • Customized training programs for cleaning workers
    • CMI Program Options
    • Sales Training
  • Onsite Support
    • Systems Implementation
    • Logistics Installation
    • Hands-on assistance
    • Business Strategy / Process Review
  • Leadership
    • Leadership for the Facilities Professional
    • Leadership for the Emerging Professional
    • Leadership Mentoring for the Cleaning Executive
    • Strategic Planning
    • Communication Plan & Risk Assessment
  • Culture Change
    • Mapping of Current/Ideal Workplace Culture
    • Culture Development and Change
    • Hiring For Fit
    • Succession Planning
    • Change Management
  • Quality Improvement
    • Continuous Improvement Programs
    • Long term monitoring to ensure change is taking place
  • Custom
    • In house conversions
    • Outsourcing conversions

Unsure of where your business stands?
Contact us to plan your initial onsite assessment. Contact: Tim Poskin at [email protected].

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