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CMI’s training team has certified more than 300,000 individuals worldwide and furthered the education and development of cleaning and maintenance professionals, managers, supervisors, and executives.

Mark Warner

Mark Warner holds the position of National Sales Manager for The Bullen Companies in Folcroft, PA. He has also served as Education Manager for ISSA’s Cleaning Management Institute. His responsibilities included training seminars throughout the country, as well as the further development of the Certified Custodial Technician programs, which are recognized and acknowledged worldwide. Mark has been in the industry for over 30 years, and is a past member of the ISSA Board of Directors. In addition, he has been an ISSA CIMS Certified Expert since the program’s inception.

In addition, Mark has served as the Division Chair for the IICRC’s Hard Surface Division, a position that oversees 10 Technical Advisory Committees related to the maintenance and inspection of all types of hard surface flooring. Mark has also held the position of president of the Low Moisture Carpet Cleaners Association (LMCCA).

Mark is also an acknowledged specialist in the area of infectious disease control through the use of modern disinfectants and critical care cleaning procedures. Over the years, he has worked with a number of high visibility organizations and government agencies, including the US Dept. of Homeland Security, FEMA, the US Military and others.

Mark is currently involved with the IICRC/ANSI S400 Cleaning Standard committee and the S410 Infection Control Standard committee, which are being developed through the IICRC, along with support and active contributions of the ISSA, as well as many other associations and individuals.

Jeff Cross

Jeff Cross is the Executive Editor of Cleanfax, the leading media brand for the combined carpet cleaning and disaster restoration industries. Although his career early in life was in the media as a reporter and photographer for a daily newspaper, he decided at the prompting of a close friend to start his own cleaning and restoration company and then sold it years later to return to journalism and take a position as editor.

Cross calls his work with Cleanfax “a perfect fit” as he can relate to the industry because he has “made every single mistake there is with cleaning and restoration” and can help his audience avoid those same mistakes. In addition to his work with Cleanfax, he is also an IICRC-approved technical trainer for the categories of carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning and color repair.

Cross is the creator of Totally Booked University, which provides cleaning and restoration business owners with marketing solutions for their companies. He is also a partner in the MarketingZoo, a content-generating service for cleaning and restoration websites, social media sites and other marketing platforms.

Neal Duffy is a 40+ year veteran of the Janitorial / Sanitary Maintenance (Jan San) industry with extensive industry experience on both the manufacturing and distribution sides of the business.

Neal’s background includes many years of experience in consulting with facility managers in the development of, training towards, and the implementation of; custodial best practices, ‘healthy – high performance cleaning’ processes, professional decontamination and disinfection, sustainable cleaning practices and “high productivity” cleaning concepts.

Neal has practiced as a registered Environmental Health Specialist, Registered Sanitarian and is an ISSA Certified Expert in Cleaning Industry Management Standards – Green Buildings (CIMS – GB), a GBAC Forensic Restoration Technician and an ISSA Certified Professional Trainer (CPT). Neal is a past board member of the USGBC Upstate NY Chapter, and has completed the Ashkin Group’s: “Green Cleaning” University.

Neal’s passion for the industry has been centered around the transfer of proper cleaning knowledge. Helping industry professionals grow and develop their skills has been his greatest reward.

Mark Exner

Mark W. Exner began his career in the cleaning industry in 1974. While working towards a degree in law enforcement, he took a job in a hospital environmental services department. Performing all tasks from commode cleaning to sterilizing surgical rooms, Mark found the work hard but very rewarding. Unable to find a job opening in law enforcement, Mark continued to clean and eventually started his own cleaning business. Shortly after that, Mark took some professional courses on cleaning just to see what he might not know about cleaning. His instructor amazed him on all the many important elements he had never been taught before, and he soon realized just how valuable the knowledge really was.

He quickly learned the value of formal education in cleaning and realized that if the knowledge could help him that much, then he would like to instruct and inspire others, as well. Shortly after that, Mark took some professional courses on cleaning just to see what he might not know about cleaning. His instructor amazed him on all the many important elements he had never been taught before, and he soon realized just how valuable the knowledge really was. He quickly learned the value of formal education in cleaning and realized that if the knowledge could help him that much, then he would like to instruct and inspire others, as well.

Currently, Mark instructs CMI’s Certified Custodial Technician and Train the Trainer programs, as well as courses in Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, and more. Mark’s warm and simple approach has inspired many, and his deep respect for his students has set a good example for the industry. Mark has gone on to become an educational product developer for the cleaning industry and he graciously welcomes your ideas for new course development.

Brant Insero

Brant Insero brings 15+ years of professional training on Jan/San, telecomm, sales, leadership, management & business development. Brant oversees ISSA’s global portfolio of training programs. Brant is passionate about innovating the entire cleaning industry through education.

Bill McGarvey

Bill McGarvey is the Director of Training and Sustainability for Imperial Dade, the leading independent distributor of foodservice packaging as well as facility maintenance supplies and equipment in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. With over 40 years’ experience in the commercial cleaning industry, McGarvey is responsible for all aspects of customer training through the Imperial Dade Cleaning Institute, virtual as well as on site workshops, regulatory compliance seminars, and equipment in-service programs.

Additional customer support is provided through activities such as troubleshooting and problem resolution, job assignment development, cost justifications, and program recommendations. Also, within this role, McGarvey monitors industry trends to develop new training or revise existing programs. From 2010 through 2019, Bill delivered training to over 14,000 front line custodians, supervisors, and managers. McGarvey is a CMI Master Trainer for the CMI Custodial Technician Certification Program and is certified as an official ISSA CIMS and CIMS-GB Certification Expert. In the sustainability arena, McGarvey is a LEED Green Associate. He has conducted green cleaning awareness seminars for countless cleaning professionals and numerous green cleaning surveys for customers while helping develop pilot programs to move their operation in a more sustainable direction.

McGarvey has authored or contributed to numerous industry articles over the past two decades. Earlier in his career, McGarvey worked for a major international contracted service provider, rising from an entry level position into management roles. Bill has also owned his own commercial cleaning and consulting firm.

Matt Moberg has over 14 years of industry experience with in-house service providers, building service contractors, and consulting work with CMI/CMM. Over his tenure in the industry, he has supported distribution partners as a Regional Manager for Kaivac Cleaning Systems. Matt is a graduate of Siena College and SUNY with an MBA focused on Project Management.

Derek Oliveira has been in the housekeeping business for 20 years.  His sense of innovation, resourcefulness and efficiency quickly earned him major mandates, first as supervisor and then director. Over time, he has successfully managed the hygiene and sanitation of important buildings for several large companies from various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, office towers, transport.

Derek holds several important and highly regarded industry certifications:​

  • Industry Cleaning Expert Management Standard, by CIMS
  • Certified Professional Trainer, by ISSA
  • Green Building Assessor, by ISSA-CIMS
  • Certified Workloading Specialist, by CMI-ISSA
  • Accredited Auditing Professional, by CMI-ISSA

​ValkarTech is therefore the only housekeeping consulting firm in Quebec to have these renowned certifications.

Senior Director at ValkarTech, Derek Oliveira specializes in quality control and as a certified auditor by the Mouvement québécois de la qualité he audits several buildings from various industries every week. Offering innovative solutions focused on performance and quality, he delivers results that exceed the expectations of its customers.

Perry Shimanoff

Perry Shimanoff is a former U.S. Marine Corps Infantry Officer (served during the Vietnam conflict). He has worked as a maintenance and operations cleaning consultant for the past 36 years, primarily with school districts, community colleges, universities, cities, and charter schools throughout the United States. Shimanoff has consulted with more than 500 clients, providing audit services, staffing assistance, and of course custodial training programs.

Shimanoff has completed a three-year tenure as the Vice-President of the International Custodial Advisory Network (ICAN), and participates as a member of the “Ask the Experts” forum for CMI. From 1995 through 2009, Shimanoff (with Griffin) was selected to be the custodial trainer for the California Association of School Business Officials (CASBO), with more than 15,000 custodians attending these workshops and seminars. Shimanoff has contributed articles to a variety of trade journals (Cleaning and Maintenance Magazine, American School & University, Turf Maintenance, CASBO Quarterly Journal of Business, etc.) and is the author of two novels.

As the founder of Management and Communication Consultants, his company has developed maintenance and custodial software used by hundreds of organizations. His approach to training is very simple: Clean Smarter, Not Harder.

David Swindle

David Swindle has been in the cleaning industry for close to 30 years. He began his career by working as a janitor for a vending machine company. By his early twenties, he had transitioned into sales of cleaning supplies for a local janitorial supply company. During his career, David has worked for distributors, manufacturers, and service providers. This has given him a remarkably diverse and broad understanding of the industry.

In recent years, David began teaching custodial classes through an adult education program at Elk Grove Unified School District. He has found his passion in sharing his knowledge and experience with others through teaching. When he started out in the cleaning industry, it was not something that he imagined would become a career. However, David quickly learned that he enjoyed cleaning and was good at it. He made it his goal in life to learn everything about the cleaning profession. That involved taking every class available, attending workshops, reading books from people like Bill Griffin, working with those who were experts, and immersing himself in the business of cleaning. Now, over 30 years later, David still loves to learn all he can about the industry and to share what he knows with others.

David is a certified technical education teacher in the State of California. He owns his own consulting company working with organizations to implement ISSA cleaning standards and CMI training. He is also partners in a cleaning service in Northern California that focuses on cleaning and disinfecting services. He recently became a CMI Master Trainer and is conducting CMI certification workshops. It is his career goal to create a Career Technical Education pathway for young people helping them to see the value of a career in the cleaning industry.

Stanley Quentin Hulin is a member of the cleaning industry since 1975, he has over four decades of cleaning industry related, services, training, sales/marketing, and management experience. As president and CEO of Future Floor Technology, Inc., he has designed and implemented cleaning and maintenance programs for building service contractor companies such as American Building Maintenance, DuPont Flooring Systems, milliCare Carpet, as well as independent contractors. As national and international consultant he has conducted cleaning and hard floor maintenance seminars throughout the United States as well as the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Egypt, and Japan. Most recently he has acted as a consultant for government bodies to evaluate and develop comprehensive cleaning programs as well as work with the cleaning companies that service them.

International Trainers

Lourdes Sousa Combe has earned a Master’s in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management at ESDAI-UP, as well as a Specialization in Hospitality Services in Mexico. Her ample professional education also includes different foreign courses: a Specialization in Hotel Business and Restaurant Management at Cornell University, USA. A Specialization at the Hotel and Tourism School “Spermalie” in Bruges, Belgium. Specialized training in General Services at the Methodist Hospital, in Houston, Texas. A Hospital Cleaning Course at the Navarra University in Spain and in APPA (Institute for Facilities Management), USA.

For more than 45 years, she has been a professor, researcher, trainer, auditor, and advisor in the hospitality industry in Latin America. Her lines of research and development include customer services, housekeeping, food and beverages, hotel laundry and dry cleaning, restaurants, schools, universities, and hospitals, in North America, Central and South America. She has participated in radio and TV programs and collaborated in diverse specialized magazines.

Lourdes is the co-author of the book: “El Servicio de Limpieza: Ciencia y Administración” (The Cleaning Services: Science and Administration), Limusa Editorial, and author of the following books: “Lavado y Cuidado de Ropa y Textiles” (Laundry Care and Textiles); “Limpieza Profesional” (Professional Cleaning); “Lavandería y Tintorería Profesional” (Professional Laundry and Dry Cleaning) and “Limpieza Verde” (Green Cleaning), Trillas Editorial.

Since 2006, Lourdes has participated as a Speaker and Trainer for ISSA members in Latin America and USA. She is the current Spanish-speaking Master Trainer for CMI at ISSA.

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