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How can I earn my Basic, Advanced and or Supervisor certification?2021-11-19T15:56:57-05:00

Option 1 – Purchase the online certification course, receive 60-day access.
A digital certificate is provided and can be downloaded upon passing the final exam.

Option 2 – Purchase the custodial handbook to read through and then take the online or printed certification exam to complete within 60 days. A printed certificate is provided and mailed upon passing final exam.

Option 3 – Schedule an onsite training at your organization and obtain your certification directly from a CMI Master Trainer

How long do I have to take my online certification exam?2021-11-19T15:56:57-05:00

Upon purchasing the Basic, Advanced and or Supervisor custodial training exam you will receive your exam credentials and have 60 days to complete. Each course is asynchronous and can take just a few hours.

What happens if I fail my exam, what is the retest policy?2021-11-19T15:56:57-05:00

You have 60 days to complete your exam and pass each module with an 80% or higher. Individual module resets are available by request for $26.49.

How long does the certification last?2021-11-19T15:56:57-05:00

Each certification will expire on the anniversary month two years from the date it is processed. For example, if a professional does pass the test on August 15, 2019, the certification will expire on August 31, 2021.

If I purchased a printed exam where do I mail the exam to for grading and how long will it take to receive my certificate?2022-11-17T10:45:39-05:00

421 New Karner Rd.
1st Fl., Suite 6,
Albany, NY 12205

Printed exams are generally graded within 2 weeks upon receipt. Additional time may be needed based on quantities being submitted.

How long is my Basic, Advanced, Supervisor, AAP, and or Train the Trainer certification valid for?2021-11-19T15:56:57-05:00

Your certification is valid for 2 years from completion date.

How do I register for a CMI event?2021-11-19T15:56:57-05:00

A list of annual CMI events are listed here.

How often do you update your curriculum?2021-11-19T15:56:57-05:00

CMI’s curriculum is reviewed consistently by CMI Master Trainers and Subject Matter Experts to provide the most valuable content possible. On average, content is reviewed and updated every two years.

Who typically utilizes CMI certifications?2021-11-19T15:56:58-05:00

CMI works will all industry professionals ranging from frontline professionals and lead custodians to supervisors and managerial staff.

Member types include:

  • In-house service providers
  • Colleges/ Universities
  • K-12 Schools
  • Government
  • Mass Transit / Airports
  • Healthcare
  • Building Service Contractors
  • Distributors
  • Vocational Schools, Prisons and Workforce re-entry programs
  • Manufacturers / Manufacturer’s Rep
How long has CMI provided certifications for the cleaning industry?2021-11-19T15:56:58-05:00

Since 1964

How can I become a trainer for CMI?2021-11-19T15:56:58-05:00

As a Certified Professional Trainer, you have the ability to utilize the CMI curriculum for the training of front line employees globally. You must maintain your CPT designation to have the ability to train using the CMI content. You can become a trainer by attending a Train the Trainer course.

I am a supervisor, can I skip past the CMI Certified Custodial Technician Basic & Advanced courses and take the Certified Custodial Supervisor course?2021-11-19T15:56:58-05:00

We find that most Supervisors want training in understanding the existing standards, current regulations and Best Practices for all the cleaning tasks that they are being asked to supervise, and most supervisors also want to have a deeper understanding of all the surfaces that their frontline workers have to clean. If this is an ultimate goal of your training initiative, you may want to consider the CMI Basic and Advanced Certified Custodial Technician courses as well.

How long does it take to complete each certification course level?2021-11-19T15:42:24-05:00
  • Certified Custodial Technician Basic – 25 hours
  • Certified Custodial Technician Advanced – 25 hours
  • Certified Custodial Supervisor – 25 hours
  • Accredited Auditing Professional – attend live workshop
  • Certified Professional Trainer – attend live Train the Trainer workshop
  • Certified Sales Executive online course – 6 hours
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