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Properly engineer your cleaning workloading engine

Helping you understand all of the variables that are required to properly engineer your cleaning workloading engine is the mission of the new ISSA CMI Workloading & Benchmarking Council.

  • Desired level of clean by area
  • Professionalism of your workforce
  • Usage by building area
  • Budgetary restraints
  • Change management strategy
  • Training resources
  • Measurable management metrics

The ISSA CMI Workloading & Benchmarking Council will provide the necessary resources to guide your organization toward this objective. The council supports the ISSA vision to be the leading resource for information, education, networking, and commercial opportunities as well as leading voice in different community forums.

The purpose of this committee is to contribute knowledge, experience, and expertise to help formulate workloading items and cleaning times.

Tim Poskin
Workloading / Cleaning Change Solutions
Cleaning Management Concepts, LLC
[email protected]

Andrew Espeseth
Associate Director of Building Services
University of Maryland I Building & Landscape Maintenance
Office: (301) 314-1293 | Cell: (301) 461-0286

Allen Randolph
Cleaning Processes / SME
Kaivac, Inc.
[email protected]

Sean Fox-Elster
Workloading, Higher Ed. Operations
Michigan State University
[email protected]

John-Michael Shenette
Supply Chain/Logistics/Engineering
Eighty-Two Brands
[email protected]

Jenean Perelstein
Development & Training
Alchemie Academy
[email protected]

Chris Wallace
Higher Ed. Operations and Training
Wake Forest University
[email protected]

Damon Scott
BSC / Process Cleaning
BUDD Services
[email protected]

Jim Elliott
SME Operations Leadership and Global Strategy
[email protected]

Jim Alty
Leadership, Transitions, Google
[email protected]

Jonathan Christian
Social Media, Communications
We Make Stuff Happen
[email protected]

Joe Fairley
SME Workloading Education, Healthcare, Retail, Grocery
Kaivac, Inc.
[email protected]

Angela Olsen
Workloading Services & Software Solutions
OReO Management Group LLC
[email protected]

Ricky Regalado
Applications and development
[email protected]

Jason Watson
Cleaning Industry General Knowledge / SME
Clean-Tech Company
[email protected]

Nick Schmidt
Higher Education / Process
Western Michigan University
[email protected]

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